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The Electronic Union Catalogue of Belarusian libraries is an information retrieval system giving the opportunity of the free access to bibliographic resources of the biggest Belarusian libraries.

It is possible to get information about the library collections by using services of the Electronic Union Catalogue of Belarusian libraries as an information retrieval system. It cumulates records of:

          - books, booklets, leaflets;
          - standarts;
          - electronic resources;
          - author’s abstracts;
          - dissertations;
          - graphic documents;
          - cartographic editions;
          - printed music;
          - audiovisual documents.

The information retrieval system informs the user about all copies of the necessary document as well as the place of their storage. Herewith such electronic resources as The union electronic catalog of the corporate cataloging system as well as the union regional electronic catalogues of each region are get in motion.