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Central electronic catalogue of the libraries of Belarus (CEC of the libraries of Belarus) is free for institutions of the Republic of Belarus that are interested in the creation and use of corporate information resources. Any organization that has:

             - electronic catalogue posted on the Internet;

             - protocol Z39.50 or SRW/SRU, integrated with library’s ALIS;

             - international standard identifier for libraries and other organizations that create resources and provide information services can take part in its forming - ISIL-code ;

CEC of the libraries of Belarus provides with the navigation through the bibliographic resources of.


National library of Belarus

Has the most complete and popular document fund in the country. It has more than 9 million documents (newspapers, manuscripts, microfilms, electronic and other media), created in Belarus, and in various countries around the world in more than 80 languages. The library has the most comprehensive in the country universal collection of national documents as well as documents issued in foreign countries. It is the basic organization of the shared cataloging system.



                Head of the department of The Library and information technologies
                Zhanna Ryseva

Phone: (+375-17) 293 29 31
E-mail: ryseva@nlb.by


                Head of shared cataloging system support sector
                Ishutina Elena

Phone:  (+375-17) 293 29 78

E-mail: skk@nlb.by


Central Scientific Library of Academy of Sciences of Belarus named after Yakub Kolas

The library fund has more than 4 million items. It presents the scientific and popular publications in all fields of science (knowledge) in the languages ​​of the different countries of the world. These are books, periodicals, serials and other documents on different media. The library has an extensive collection of literature. Takes part of the shared cataloging system.



                 Head of the department of scientific processing of documents
                 Komenda Irina Pavlovna
                 Phone: (+375-17) 294 91 84
                 E-mail: oven@kolas.basnet.by


Republican Scientific and Technical Library

Library is the national depository of domestic and foreign literature on engineering, technology, economics, industry and related industries, government repository of patent documents of the Republic of Belarus, the normative documents on standardization and industry directories. The library is the participant of the shared cataloging system.


                 Head of the department of library and information technology
                 Gomonova Elena Vasilievna
                 Phone: (+375-17) 226 65 03
                 E-mail: evg@rlst.org.by
                 Head of cataloging department
                 Vashuk Tatiana Nikolaevna
                 Phone:  (+376-17) 226 61 86
                 E-mail: rlst@rlst.org.by


Presidential Library of the Republic of Belarus

Holdings of the Presidential Library of the Republic of Belarus has about 2 million of units. They include books, periodicals and serials, technical regulations and other publications in the Belarusian, Russian and foreign languages. The Library fund is universal, with a predominance of the literature on law, economics, politics, public administration, parliamentarism according to its content. The library is the participant of the shared cataloging system.



Cataloguing Department

Head of department

Tatiana Sapunova

Phone: +375 (17) 222-61-01

Е-mail: okd@preslib.org.by


Software Maintenance (Supporting) Department

Head of department 

Natalia Manko

Phone: +375 (17) 200-74-66
Е-mail: lib@preslib.org.by,